Greenhouse Cafe


Speaker: John Keegan, Owner

My name is John Keegan. I’m one of the owners of the Greenhouse Cafe cappuccino cafe in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York, and we’ve been advertising with Valpak for over 20 years. We wanted to promote our delivery business through our cappuccino cafe, and the Greenhouse business, locally.

Our advertising with Valpak hits all of the Brooklyn area. Valpak goes into the envelope, goes into the people’s houses. You open it up just to see what’s in it. But you’ve got to constantly remind them that you’re here. It’s the same reason why McDonald’s does commercials: to remind you that they’re there.

Our business has evolved with Valpak because everything today is going digital, so we’re getting involved in social media, we’re getting involved in the digital media. You have to keep up with the times. I would recommend Valpak to other businesses because of the treatment that you get from both Jimmy and Brian. Their expertise is there. They’re there to support your business. If they do their job, and you do well, you’ll grow together.

The coupons work. The deliveries work. I know when I send out the coupon, or the menus, per se, you get a number of coupons that come back. That brings you business, and as long as you’re taking care of them and they enjoy what they’re getting, that’s a positive response, and that’s what Valpak brings you, a positive response.

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