Groomer Seafood


Speaker: Richard Groomer, President/CEO

Groomer’s Seafood has been a Valpak client for a little over five years now. When we started researching the different advertising avenues that we had available to us, it became apparent very quickly that Valpak was a leader in the industry. Their ability to create things, put it out quickly, and make sure our customers receive what they were supposed to receive was second to none.

Working with Valpak has changed our business tremendously. We started out as a very small company just over five years ago. We’ve grown into a tremendous-sized business, and Valpak has been with us every step of the way of making that happen. Some of the benefits of working with Valpak is just consistency. The technology they have, the ability to create great advertising sent out to the customers that actually buy from us, is second to none.

Everything comes down to net results. Does the product do what it says it’s going to do? Does it create the return that we expect out of it when we invest in it? With Valpak, we found that to be true at all levels. Valpak’s tracking is one of the best there is in the industry, and bottom line is, are you making money? Are you not making money? For the investment you put into it, are you getting the return you expect to get out of it, and the information we receive from Valpak on a monthly basis always shows that.

Not only would I recommend Valpak to other businesses, but I consistently do. I think they’re one of the greatest programs out there. They do a great job for us. Sales people are phenomenal. We’ve never had a single issue with anybody there. I think they’re a great company.

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