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Speaker: Leo Rondeau, General Manager – Colling Media

Colling Media has been a Valpak client for about three years. The relationship stemmed from one of our client’s, Gruelich’s, that we picked up about two, two and half years ago. As an agency, sometimes a lot of vendors are scared that we’re going to start cutting fat, per se, and slicing and dicing the budgets where we agree to keep the program rolling as is. We saw how Valpak was able to drive those customers and potential clients to Greulich’s time and time again and we were able to see the growth in the ROI, and I was able to take the findings and transition that into other clients, such as the Southwestern Eye Center.

As we opened new locations in Tucson, we saw the sales were down and we were kind of trying to think outside the box. “Okay, we’ve done the TV route, we’ve done the billboard route, we’ve done the radio. Where’s that extra wow-factor we could use?” And Valpak, you can get straight to the consumer.

The consumer time and time again is looking at what type of offers Valpak has in their packaging, anywhere from the oil changes to the AC changes. Now, when we went with the Eye Care, it was kind of, “Is this going to be a hit or miss,” and after we ran our first run, we saw that the Tucson office was up. We knew that Valpak contributed to that.

Valpak has positively changed our business and given our sales team a new product, a new tool in our tool belt to be able to go out to the market and be able to get their message out there, and to drive more people into their retail businesses.

Valpak is not your normal print company. They are the mailer that sets them apart by being able to use those tracking URLs, tracking phone numbers, their digital apps, to be able to show the ROI back to the client, that they’re not throwing money down a black hole.

The whole team over at Valpak, from the creative team to the sales team and even to the owner, is just a great team to work with. I would absolutely recommend Valpak to other agencies and clients because they have proven themselves time and time again, and it’s the technology they use that sets them apart from their competitors.

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