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Speaker: Toby Asplin, Owner

We’ve been using Valpak since I purchased the business almost two years ago now. We track everything here: every call that comes in, every email inquiry that we receive, so we know what advertising works for us, and month in month out, Valpak performs.

We have customers who live for that every month. And I’m sure if we were not in there in any given month we’d get phone calls wondering why not. For someone who is a very busy business owner, it’s very helpful to have someone who stays on top of what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and if I don’t respond in a timely fashion, maybe a little extra poking and prodding to make sure that I meet the deadlines.

My favorite part of working with Valpak is that I can consistently count on new business as soon as that coupon drops. It generally drops around the first of the month and the phone starts ringing and we start asking people where did they heard about us and we start hearing Valpak, Valpak, Valpak, Valpak. And so when you can find advertising like that that is dependable, and you’re breaking even on it or you’re profiting on it every month, there’s really no reason not to do it.

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