Hannah’s Branchport Laundromat


Speaker: Mike Conte, Owner

My name is Mike Conte. We have Hannah’s Laundromat in Long Branch, New Jersey. We’ve been a Valpak client here for 20 years.

We chose Valpak because we can tailor the coupons and the offers to local areas and we can pinpoint the areas as to where we want to send the mailings and what offers we want to make. As far as closer or further from the business, we do different offers and we can pinpoint where the returns are coming from.

I would recommend Valpak to other businesses because the results for the dollar that you spend are just tremendous compared to other forms of advertising. It’s right there, it’s boom, customer has it in their hand that day and they go through the envelope, and they’re using it literally that day. We know the day it drops because they start coming in the door the day it drops.

And our rep, Nunzio Pappagallo, has really been a big help on kind of pointing us in the right direction and what’s the best way to get the best bang for the buck. Rather than somebody that comes in and says, “Oh, I’m selling this,” they know what they’re selling, they know how to get the results.

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