Hearing Care Center


Speaker: Dr. Paul Milner, Owner

My name is Dr. Paul Milner and I’m the Owner and Chief Audiologist here at Hearing Care Center in Sharon, Mass, and I’ve been a ValPak client for probably 23 or 24 years. One of the problems that we’ve had with other types of direct mail is that they don’t work. We spend a lot of money in producing these direct mail pieces, and postage, and so on, and we get very poor response. We certainly do far better with ValPak and this has always been a reliable way of getting new patients.

So we deal with people from all ages, from as I said, birth to older centenarians because everybody needs help with hearing. We see new customers, and of course, that’s one of the purposes of the ValPak is they go to all the homes in the communities that we mail to. A way of reaching out to people that we promote our professionalism, our experience, the ability for people to improve their lives, interact with family and friends, and really dramatically change their ability to enjoy life.

I do recommend ValPak all the time to people. When I visit other offices or meet other colleagues at professional meetings and so on, I tell them how successful the ValPak ads have been for us and I suggest to them that it would be worth looking into.

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