Hillmuth Certified Automotive of Glenwood


Speaker: Doug Hillmuth, Owner

My name is Doug Hillmuth. My business is Hillmuth Certified Automotive. I’ve been a Valpak client for seven years. Valpak has helped stabilize and grow the business over the weak economy that we’ve had and grow our customer base.

Valpak is different than the product line. It is something that the consumer wants because they’re looking for a discounted service, so when they come in and see that mailer, they look for services that they need.

We measure all coupons that come in through the door. So at the end of the month, I calculate and see what the average check and how many coupons came in compared to all the other media I use as far as that I can track with a coupon-type offer. I would recommend Valpak to other business. It makes a lot of sense.

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