Hiro’s Sushi Express


Speaker: Bonnie Leung, Owner

Hiro’s Sushi has been in business for almost ten years, and we’ve been working with Valpak since day one.

Before I opened Hiro’s Sushi, I used to work for a different restaurant and they advertised with Valpak for many years and had great return. So I figured it would work great for us, too. Valpak has definitely brought in more clients. We see a lot of our guests come in with coupons and vouchers or electronic coupons all the time.

Working with Valpak has been simple, effortless, pretty much. My sales rep is wonderful. He’s always on top of everything. The artwork with his suggestions, it’s just like a breeze. They’re always on top of the latest technologies. So now we have smartphone apps and online coupons, on top of direct mail. It has worked great for us. The company is easy to work with, the pricing is fair and it’s brought us great return.

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