Ho’Brah A Taco Joint


Speaker: Tom Casatelli, co-owner

My name is Tom Casatelli and I’m one of the owners of The Kettle Black in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Ho’ Brah tacos in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, West Brighton, Staten Island, and the Lock Yard Beer Garden in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

My understanding of Valpak, historically, had been the mailers, the ones that your mom and your grandma gets. When we met with some of the people from Valpak and explained what was going on with the digital, that this company was now about a lot more stuff than a mailer. It became a lot more attractive.

I thought it was something that could work the social media, the online marketing. It’s been great because whereas we might not have the experience, we have the will to get it done and try to get it done the right way.

They’re available pretty much 24/7 for us, and I never feel put-off or that I’m bothering them if I call them up at the last minute thing that we want to post or something needs to be changed. So it’s been a good partnership.

I would recommend Valpak to other businesses and I do because it is such a different company these days. It’s not like the old days, just a simple mailer. There’s so much more to offer, all the online stuff, all the marketing, the digital media. I’m really happy with the company, and I’m happy to recommend the company.

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