Holdon Communications – Smog N Go


Speaker: Gary McFadyen, President

My name’s Gary McFadyen, and I have a regional advertising agency, Holdon Communications. I’ve been using Valpak for 12 years with one particular client, Smog ‘N Go, which is a smog shop. Valpak was a large part of growing them from one location initially to six locations that they have now.

Because of the success that I experienced with Smog ‘N Go using Valpak, we introduced Valpak to Bell Pest Control. Somebody may not necessarily use, you know, the client services this month, but when they see Bell Pest Control over and over again, they start to get that brand locked into their mind, and they want to check it out when they’re ready for those services.

Marketing has to be measured, and one of the things that Valpak does is allows you to measure it. And now, with their digital media, they’re able to bring back and give you the exact results of the amount of people that are viewing.

They’ve been around forever. You are not working with somebody that you don’t know. You’re working with representatives that have been in this industry forever. They know the direct marketing. They’re able to give you good advice.

I use a lot of vendors in advertising for my clients. Valpak always delivers, and it always gives a good return for the spend, and for that reason we’ll continue to use Valpak.

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