Hondros College of Business


Speaker: Kerry Hurff, Vice President of Marketing

My name is Kerry Hurff. I’m the Vice President of marketing at Hondros Education Group. We’ve been advertising with Valpak for about a year now. One of the things that I was particularly interested in was the analytics that Valpak brings. I’m a big prism fan, a big fan of segmenting the market. We’ve been able to rifle shot in on key segments that we want to attract and actually have had very good ROI with that. We are seeing incremental students coming to us. We’re seeing more inquiries and we can tell when the Valpak has dropped because contact center calls increase.

It’s funny. When my predecessor recommended Valpak, it was met with a fair amount of scoffing and disbelief, that surely print is a dead medium and isn’t it all just about tires and pizza coupons. We were interested and persuaded in doing that rifle shot test. Love it that we can confine the message to 10,000 household increments and was able, through that segmentation, again, to significantly drive the business.

Yes, absolutely, I would recommend. Valpak can structure a program for you that will help drive your business. Valpak is certainly affordable. But, again, the opportunity to really hone in at the neighborhood or sub-ZIP code level is something that’s very exciting to us.

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