India’s Tandoori


Speaker: Lakhvinder Singh, Owner

India’s Tandoori, we’ve been here with Valpak about 15 years now. I did advertise a few other companies in which I was not getting any response to it. And we had a Valpak sales rep came in one day and he said, “Do you want to do this?” And I told him no, we’re not doing any paper ads anymore. But he made me do it once and since then, I’ve been with them for 15 years now.

Valpak has really helped a lot with my business and especially after we opened the new location, in the beginning, everyone needs to advertise and let people know and Valpak was the first one to do that.

Every time there’s a new person moving in the area, they don’t  know where to go or what to eat in that neighborhood. So every time they open Valpak they’ll see Indian restaurant there and we’ve been getting a lot of new people and we always ask them and they say they opened Valpak and that’s how they found it.

In the beginning, we had so many people bring it in because that was a new location and we were new in the area so as soon as they found out we’re opening, everyone just came in. It is very valuable because I can track every coupon that’s coming in or people are clicking on the site. And we do have phone number tracking, so we know how many people are calling in, which a lot of the people don’t offer that. It would have been really difficult without a Valpak because this is the best way to get into every house, every month and I don’t know what we would do without it.

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