JES Foundation Repair


Speakers: Stella Waltz, Co-Owner & Jesse Waltz, Co-Owner

Stella Waltz: I’m Stella Waltz. I’m co-owner of JES Foundation Repair, and we’ve used Valpak since about 2012.

We decided to start working with Valpak because of the ease with which it was to work with them. We had our plans, our goals, and they came in with a mission to help us. They were very good listeners.

Valpak has proven to be a good source in the media mix for JES Foundation Repair. The print media that they provide has been a great source of lead generation for us.

Jesse Waltz: Valpak works with us to hit the demographics that we need, like maybe areas that have more foundation problems than others. It’s kind of more of a smart marketing plan as opposed to just a blanket marketing plan.

We look at numbers all the time. We realize how much we spend and how much we get, and we use the information to know do we need to add more to the advertising, or do we need to draw back based on what our goals are and how many calls that we’re getting that were ultimately converting into sales. So analytics is very, very important. We study it hard, and Valpak is always at the top.

Stella Waltz: When we put money in and we get good results, like we do with Valpak, it’s easy to continue.

I would honestly recommend Valpak to other businesses. It has been good for us. Our return on investment has been good, and the creativity of our ads and the customers giving those ads to our salesmen as part of their sales process and salesmen closing those sales has been tremendous for us.

Jesse Waltz: We just don’t believe in it on a “once and done.” We consistently use them every drop. You have to keep advertising in your business to make it work, and it has worked for our company. We’ve grown from a couple of people to 300 people in our company by consistent advertising. And don’t just pick any advertising. Pick the right advertising.

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