Jitter Bug Pest Services


Speaker: Clay Bostick, Owner

We have been a Valpak client for 18 years. 11 with a different service company we owned, 7 with Jitterbug. Jitterbug has been changed by Valpak simply because the medium works. We love it. Representatives are great, our phone rings.

One thing is that blue envelope. It’s very identifiable and people that have received it in their mail before, they get to see Jitterbug within that blue envelope as well as other advertisers. I feel like there’s a reason that that medium is very effective. It comes in your mail, people expect it, they look at it, they open it, and as far as the digital goes, it’s just an added benefit. It just puts our name, Jitterbug, in front of another type of clientele, or the same. Repetitive advertising is always beneficial.

Our perception of Valpak has changed because they changed. They continue to update. They continue to give us new artwork. They continue to just make sure the advertising fits the customer’s needs so that the phone will ring. Jitterbug loves Valpak. It literally pays for itself plus some, and that’s what you’re looking for in advertising.

We would definitely recommend Valpak to other businesses, and we do. Jitterbug uses Valpak. We use several other types of businesses as well, but we refer the ones that we trust. Valpak is amongst the best.

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