Kendall Hardware


Speaker: Steven Kendall, Owner

Hi, My name is Steve Kendall. I own Kendall Hardware in Clarksville, Maryland. We’ve been a 70-year-old dealer here in Clarksville. So I’m the third-generation hardware guy, and I’ve been a Valpak member for five years. Valpak has been a very well received type of advertising here in town. I mean, our customers have used it and they tear apart that envelope. They look for deals. They look for new customers. They look for new clients that they can hire. It’s just very well received and it’s just a very positive piece of advertising.

Digitally online, we see about 40 to 60 prints come in the store every month. We see 300-plus views online, and then we’re getting 400-plus redemptions, actually physical walk-in coupons every month in the store here. That is by far the best redemption rate on any advertising I’m doing otherwise in the store. Running a hardware store, it’s like most of your time is involved with your customers, of course, and then running the backside of the business. But as far as advertising, the ability to keep it simple and Mark as a great representative, he basically takes care of everything, makes the timing at work. If he can’t get me by email or phone, he tracks me down somehow. So he makes it very easy and very efficient.

Absolutely, I would recommend Valpak to other businesses. For redemption rate for coupons, it’s my best offer that I have out there advertising-wise today. I think it’s a successful way of advertising for your business and getting your name out there, and keeping it consistent and frequent. Yes, I would recommend it highly.

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