Kirk N Hampton, DDS

Speaker: Kyle Hampton, Business Manager

My name is Kyle Hampton. I’m the Office and Business Manager here. We’re KNH Dentistry, and we operate under the name of Dr. Kirk Hampton here in Dallas. We use both the print version and the digital version of Valpak. Most of our response comes from the print version. We opted a few years ago to switch to the two-insert format. Allows us to kind of separate the piece to reach different sets of eyes.

One is kind of a pure dentistry exam, x-ray, for those people who are either new to the market or have a toothache, that kind of thing. The second insert really is designed more to reach the cosmetic audience, so it tends to deal with things more like whitening, cosmetic procedures, veneers, mouth restorations, that type of thing. And then we use the call tracking feature in order to follow up on those independently and kind of see which ones are driving the most new calls towards our office.

I’ve found that we get a pretty good value through Valpak. We can reach a wide audience. So we send out 50,000 a month, something like that, kind of geographically designed around our zip code. Dentistry, despite the fact that we don’t want to be seen as a commodity-type business, but the reality is people want to have providers that live close to either where they work or live.

And we have used a variety of different direct mail resources over the years. We’ve just generally found that Valpak kind of gives us the biggest bang for our buck as far as the breadth of the market that we can reach and the economy with which we can reach those viewers. I think it’s a great way to be able to reach a lot of eyes economically. We use it primarily to attract new patients and we try to establish a lot of that look and feel through Valpak.

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