Kolache Factory – Maxwell Creek

Speaker: David Stephenson, Owner

I’m David Stephenson with the Kolache Factory in Murphy, Texas, and we’ve been advertising with Valpak since September 2015. My initial decision for Valpak was based on the flexibility. I didn’t have to sign a long contract and I was able to use a coupon. I didn’t have to share with anybody else and can be pulled right out of the envelope, it didn’t have to be clipped. Some of the best reasons why I like to use Valpak is, one, I really do like Anthony. He comes in, he makes sure that my offers are there.

I’m able to change my offers any time I need. So if I need to change it one month to the next, if I find something that doesn’t work, he gives me feedback. He’s able to provide extra services like printing menus. He’s able to save me 80% on previous menus that I was printing, and the flexibility. Each month we have a code on the bottom of the coupon and we actually just do it manually. We count them at the end of the day. I can continuously track that through Valpak or any other competitors that I’m using.

And one of the other things we’ve done with Valpak, rather than just using the standard coupons, we do take electronic coupons. We get good returns of people that come in. They don’t have the coupon, they can use it. I would definitely recommend Valpak to other vendors. I’ve had businesses that when they open up, they ask me, “What did you get started with? What did you use?” And I always tell them Valpak. That’s always the first answer I tell them to use. It’s a good pricing point, and you get more bang for your buck with it.

Everybody that’s new always wants to start with a big postcard and it is expensive. And I always tell them, “Go Valpak. Go Valpak.” You can go for six months. When you’re advertising, anything you do has to be measurable over a course of three to six months, and Valpak gives you affordable options to do that. If you do a postcard, you’re going to spend three times as much money and get once. With Valpak, I know I can go six months and penetrate a market. Because it’s amazing how I get people, even now, that I’ve been using Valpak for two years and they’ll come walking with that Valpak and tell me it’s their first time coming in.

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