La Ristra Mexican Restaurant

Speaker: John Gabaldon, Manager

La Ristra has been a client of Valpak for about a year and a half now. One of the biggest factors was their reach; the reach out to the community that they have with the amount of homes that they’re able to touch. Since the beginning we’ve been able to work together on reaching out to different communities in the area and ensuring that we’re having a strong presence to bring in the most amount of business.

Another big benefit is being able to track the calls that are coming into our restaurant through the landing page that Valpak provides. We analyze everything that we do, especially our marketing techniques. With Valpak providing me information on the landing page that we have helps me track how many customers are actually clicking on our landing page and seeing the offers. Also the phone number that’s provided allows me to track the phone calls that are coming into the restaurant, so I can really get a good understanding of what kind of questions are being asked from our customers, and more importantly, how my employees are responding to these questions.

The data is pretty clear. I receive it in my email, and it’s something that I really feel is a huge part of making sure that our marketing is working. Valpak has been good to me with listening to my needs and understanding what I’m looking for, and ensuring that anything that I need to make changes on is made in a quick and regular basis. And if anybody was to ever ask me for a referral, I would absolutely refer Valpak.

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