LaVida Massage of Fort Collins

Speaker: Jason Folb, Owner

We’re a membership based massage location. We have members that come in on a regular basis for a 60 minute massage or facial. The previous owners were clients of Valpak prior to us purchasing the business for five years, and then we have stayed with them for the last 14 months. Overall, the staff has been great to work with. Very customer friendly. They’re very flexible, allow us to change our ads on a regular basis.

Valpak is a very comprehensive package, so we’re able to do not just the print ad, but we can also do online marketing, Facebook ads, Google AdWords. They’ve been able to help us across the board. One of the hard parts of advertising is trying to gauge the return and what type of response you have. I think through actual redemption of coupons, but also setting up a phone number that is specific to the Valpak ad, we can track who’s calling in. We can actually listen to the calls and gauge what the customers are saying what our front staff is doing.

Valpak staff makes that very easy for us because they send us monthly reports of how many calls we’ve received. We constantly get a new client coming in every month. Somewhere between 100 to 200 clients, which is great compared to the other LaVida locations. We’re always in the top 5, top 10 for new clients in the door each month and a lot of that we attribute to Valpak marketing.

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