Law Office of Rachel Flanagan Frost


Speaker: Rachel Flanagan Frost, Owner/Attorney

My name is Rachel Flanagan Frost. It’s my own law office. I’m a sole prop. I’ve been advertising with Valpak for probably five years. At the time I had been practicing for close to two years on my own, so most of my business at that point was based on referrals and word of mouth, so it was my first way of advertising.

I thought it was good because it would pinpoint, you know, the clientele that I was looking for. So that’s why I started with Valpak. I do primarily estate planning and elder law, so that would be wills, trusts, power of attorneys, healthcare proxies, along those lines, new deeds, that kind of thing. And I do signings pretty regularly, you know, once I meet with the clients here, then they come back for signings or other appointments depending on what their needs are.

So on the flyer I advertise that the first consultation is free. So I’ve been, like I said before, I’ve been advertising for probably close to five years and I’ve noticed consistently every month that the Valpak flyer comes out, I always do receive those phone calls. And I’d say probably 80% of the time once the person actually comes in for the consult, they do actually hire me and come back. So I’ve noticed a very large rate of return with the advertising.

Valpak definitely was much more pinpointed than the other means of advertising that I do because it markets more specifically the clientele that I’m looking for. Whereas other types of advertising which I’m also involved in, but it’s more broad, so there’s more to weed through. Whereas Valpak, it’s very specific, so the phone calls that I get from people that receive the Valpak flyer are generally spot on.

From what I’ve seen there’s no reason for me to stop advertising through it. I think it’s been great, so I don’t see any reason not to do it. I mean, if it’s another attorney, I don’t want estate planning attorneys local to compete with me, but I do think it’s a great opportunity for other attorneys to get involved into because, like I said before, it is pinpointed.

So, you know, especially if you have a smaller practice and you’re looking to get your name out there, I think it’s a huge benefit.

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