Liberty Tax Service


Speaker: Martha O’Gorman, Chief Marketing Officer

Liberty Tax Service has been in business for 18 years and we have been using Valpak as an advertising vehicle for 15 out of those 18 years. Valpak gives us a myriad of things. First of all, it allows us to be very specific in our marketing, but it also allows us to do nationwide marketing. So it gives us a lot of things that other advertising mediums don’t. As I got more familiar with Valpak and started to expand my reach with Valpak, they also started to expand their digital footprint. We can track phone calls, and we can see how many people are going to the Valpak site and clicking on our offer. So it gives us another level of tracking that we didn’t have before.

When you’re heading up a marketing department for a company that spends as much advertising money as we do, you have to be able to justify what you are doing and the digital piece has been able to give me that ability. I believe that Valpak is a good advertising vehicle for virtually any retail business. I think it’s good for large enterprises such as Liberty Tax Service, where we have over 2,000 franchisees and over 4,300 locations across the United States because it’s a one-stop shop. We can get everything done, put to bed for tax season with one phone call basically. If you are a small business like our franchisees are in the particular markets that there are in, it’s a way for you to speak directly to the people in your territory. So you can break it down into very finite trading zones and you don’t have to spend a lot of money advertising to the whole world to reach the people who are closest to your office. When you run radio advertising or television advertising, you are talking to the whole market. With Valpak you can talk to your neighborhood.

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