Lolly’s Hallmark


Speaker: Cathy Lockhart, Manager

We’ve been in business at Lolly’s Hallmark for 37 years and a Valpak client for 6. Everybody wants a coupon. They want to save a little money. So we decided to try it and it has worked. It has worked. It has brought them back. They get excited to get them in the mail. They look forward to it. I just don’t think we’d be here without it.

We’ve always had Hallmark coupons, but Valpak has brought in new demographics through zip code. So we’ve got, we’ve got lots of new customers, from even out of the city, people who have come in. They love it. It was a big decision to make and I was very happily surprised to see how happy people were to get the Valpak, the coupon, to come in and use it, to come back and use it. It’s made our business grow. It truly has made our business grow. Valpak has made the difference for us.

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