MacFarlane Energy


Speaker: Scott MacFarlane, Owner

My name is Scott MacFarlane. I’m the Owner of MacFarlane Energy in Dedham, Massachusetts. We’re a third-generation company. We started with Valpak in 1981 with a whopping 20,000 in two mailings, and over the years, because of Valpak and the direct mail pieces, and a lot of the name recognition, even the people that don’t actually call us, they saw a picture of our oil truck on their coupon and they say, “I know you. I see your coupons,” or, “I see your trucks.” We get a lot of name recognition from Valpak.

I did other mailings with other direct mail companies like Valpak over the years at the same time as I was doing Valpak and the quality of those companies wasn’t the same as Valpak. And those companies are actually out of business now. And, you know, Valpak has always been good at getting other types of businesses that attract people so that they just don’t throw that envelope in the basket. It’s almost to the point that when the Valpaks go out, you can tell when they go out by the phone call, you know, at the amount of ringing that goes on about a day or so after the target date is.

I would recommend Valpak to all types of businesses, whether you’re small or large. I think it’s good name recognition, it’s good lead generation, if you make a good offer to people, people are looking for bargains. I think cost-effective-wise, it’s probably one of the best values for the money.

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