Meineke Car Care Center


Speaker: Rebecca Hutchings, Service Manager

I’m Rebecca Hutchings and I work for Meineke Car Care Center in Shrewsbury, Mass. We’ve been with Valpak for about eight or nine years now. Valpak, a lot of the coupons in Valpak, is all for local business. A lot of people in this area like to go to a local place. They want to stick with somebody that they trust. Valpak helps us target a higher income demographic, which has helped raise our average repair order income greatly.

We do consistently run also a 50% off lifetime brake pad replacement through Valpak. That also generates a lot of revenue for us. What we also try to do is, let’s say, a customer has 6/32 of an inch left on their tires. Well, now we also know that the next thing that we send them mailers incorporated with Meineke, now we know that the target coupon for them is going to be something related with tires.

If I need something, I call. Our representative, Lisa, cares, always gets right back to me, gets right on it, and 99.9% of the time, whatever I ask for, we can do. For the local aspect, for the customer’s benefit, yeah, I would definitely recommend Valpak to other businesses.

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