Case Study: Merry Maids®

Valpak® Delivers Results

Marketing Objective

Measure the effectiveness of a Valpak mailing to generate leads, sales and recurring customers.

Mailing Strategy / Campaign

Mailed a total of 2,000,000 single panel inserts nationally.

Merry Maids mailed households were selected based on:

  • Geography: Merry Maids serviceable ZIP codes.
  • Demographics: Single-family dwelling units, household income, and home value.
  • Expenditures: Estimated annual expenditures on housekeeping services.

Two high value offers were provided:

  • $50 Off ($30 Off First Cleaning, $10 Off Next Two Cleanings).
  • $100 Off ($20 Off First Five Cleanings).

Test Results

  • Valpak leads, captured through a unique phone number, generated a cost per lead 10% lower than the advertiser’s direct mail benchmark cost per lead.
  • Leads matching back to a Valpak mailing were 7% more likely to convert to a sale than other leads during the same timeframe.
  • Sales matching back to a Valpak mailing were 21% more likely to be recurring and 10% less likely to be “one and done” than overall sales in the same timeframe.


The results of the program confirm that the Valpak audience was an efficient lead source achieving a cost per lead lower than their direct mail benchmark, and even more importantly delivering a high quality customer that was more likely to be a recurring Merry Maids customer.
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