Speaker: San Marg, Restaurant Manager

My name is San Marg and this is Miyako on Route 40 and we’ve been a Valpak client since 2001. We decided to advertise with Valpak because it was a really good investment for our restaurant.

We have coupons coming in from new customers as well as existing customers and they’re happier seeing that 10% or 20% coupon that we mail them. But 10% to 20% of our customers bring those Valpaks so it’s a very good investment. It brings more customers in. I really like them and I know that my customers love it too, so I know it was a good investment.

I would recommend Valpak to other customers as well because I see a lot of Valpak coming in. I would say every day, about 10% to 20% of the customers use Valpak and it’s a really good investment. I would recommend Valpak.

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