Molly Maid


Speaker: Mark Buchanan, President

I originally started working with Valpak in 2012 and have not been disappointed. What I found is that I’m my demographic. For whatever reason, Valpak stood out. I opened that, and it’s proven to be an accurate philosophy for Molly Maid so far.

Valpak has produced a lot of leads, which in turn has produced a lot of customers for Molly Maid, and we continue to service those customers today. We have a department that creates a website, tracks the leads, etc., and when I found that Valpak’s digital platform has produced just as many leads, I was more than pleased.

I don’t know marketing like they do and to get their feedback has been invaluable. They continue to provide direction that I would not know to go. The call tracking that Valpak provides allows me to crunch numbers less. It allows me to see what unique calls have come through the creative to understand the true return on investment. With Molly Maid spending an exorbitant amount on advertising every year, it’s important to know what works, and by Valpak producing those reports on a weekly basis in some regard, it’s allowed us to continue to grow and Molly Maid really make a presence in the community.

Valpak has allowed me to focus on those other areas of my business and pay less attention to the results because I get those weekly reports. I would definitely recommend Valpak to other businesses. They’ve increased my customer base, and I take more and more comfort every month in knowing that my marketing dollars are being spent wisely.

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