Molly Maid of Bonney Lake


Speaker: Doug Compau, Owner

Molly Maid of Bonney Lake has been in business for 10 years now and I’ve been using Valpak since day one. I’ve tried other marketing groups and I got very few customers or they didn’t stick around. Valpak gets the phone ringing every time I send it out. I can send out a few zones or a lot of zones. It depends on how much more I want the phone to ring. It always works.

It covered a wide area for a low price, so I just jumped on it and it’s really worked well for me. I like the ability to pick and choose where in my territory I market. So if I have a place I want to grow or a spot that I know is already doing very well, I can easily target that spot. It’s the long-term customers we’re after and through demographic sorting and asking questions, we kind of know what neighborhoods those people are coming from.

Valpak has been very dependable and easy to work with. I’ve gotten to be good friends with Trudy Miller, my rep, and they worked with me and my budget all the way through the recession to help me keep advertising to keep afloat, which is pretty hard to do back in those days. I would recommend Valpak because they’re inexpensive, and they can blanket as little or as much territory as you want to.

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