Morganville Flower Farm


Speaker: Harry Cross, Owner

My name is Harry Cross, and my business name is Morganville Flower Farm, and I’ve been a Valpak customer since 1992.

I decided that I wanted to advertise with Valpak because I wanted a way to attract customers to my newly formed business, and I felt that Valpak was in fact the way to do that.

Valpak has made a positive impact because now my customers look for the Valpak coupon and come in with it, so it’s created a clientele every year. We’re a seasonal business and we require people to come in on a regular basis once we open and that helps. Valpak is very effective in providing us with proofs and also with good service on handling any questions we might have, and also if we wanted to apply for co-op.

Back in 1992, obviously the coupons were much more plain, but very effective, and now we have nice glossy coupons here, and equally effective. We also count all our coupons, so besides the Valpak tracking, we actually count our coupons every year. We know which offers work and which don’t, and we basically fine tune what offers we want to offer, because we want offers that people will come back with. So the Valpak tracking can also help us with that.

I have recommended Valpak to other businesses and the reason is because it has been effective and it’s relatively inexpensive, and it has worked for us.

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