Native Bloom Landscape & Design



Speaker: Brad Randall, Owner

Native Bloom Landscape and Design has been a client of Valpak for about five years. I chose Valpak to be a part of my business plan to advertise and promote our work. They’ve got great print media and I thought that that would be a phenomenal way to get our projects out to the public.

Working with Valpak has allowed me to meet new clientele and to promote my business in a very professional way. It works real well, the print media side of it. Their print quality is fantastic, too, which I love. They also mail directly to the areas that I’m interested in and they’ll work with me on that. They can see the quality of our work and that has really enhanced our business.

I honestly was a little skeptical going in. We were able to work out some of the fine details that I was wanting and it’s just been a perfect match. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Absolutely, I’d recommend Valpak to other business owners. For my business, it’s allowed me the ease and flexibility to promote my business, so I would highly recommend this for other business owners as well.

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