Northside Ford


Speaker: Robert Jones, Director of Operations

Northside Ford has been with Valpak for approximately two and a half years. We were looking for a little different avenue to take with our coupons and direct mail, and Valpak seemed a very effective and efficient way to achieve that. We have increased revenues hundreds of thousands of dollars since coming aboard with Valpak. I actually cancelled some other media and put great focus on Valpak.

With Valpak, Northside Ford was able to combine digital and mailers into one message, one media, one solution. We’re also able to utilize one rep and focus on one independent marketing campaign. Gauging Valpak’s performance here at Northside Ford is done very easily by the codes on the coupons. We’re able to track and target particular market areas.

Valpak’s reporting is very simple. There’s not long reports to shuffle through. We here are Northside take the coupons, and we can sort them out and tell exactly what ZIP Codes the coupons came from and target the affected areas. It has proven to be a staple in our monthly media expenditures.

I have recommended Valpak to many other businesses in San Antonio. Several of them had great success with it that I have talked to.

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