Ocean Smiles


Speaker: Dr. Timothy Strouse, owner

I’m Dr. Timothy Strouse. I’m the owner of Ocean Smiles Dental Office. I have been advertising with Valpak for over three and a half years. I was trying to get my branding out to patients so they knew who I was. I was new to the area so I wasn’t sure everyone would know.

For the most part, it shows the number of patients that I know it’s going to and households. So the tracking is a little bit easier to determine because I can get phone calls from patients and get their records or recorded conversations and the convenience of being able to change my advertisements or my coupons for patients or promotions at that point in time. The convenience with working with the staff at that point in time, with making any changes to my advertisement.

My sales rep is wonderful. She sends me text messages and calls me on a frequent basis. Always, sending me reminders of my tracking and my phone calls; not that I always use them all the time but it’s nice to be able to have access to it. She is easy to get a hold of which is a wonderful thing that I can’t say with other marketing companies.

I would recommend for any office that’s looking to acquire or put their name out and to try and get new patients into their office as good source of advertising form as well as of the amount of sales that it helps with at that point in time.

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