Original House of Donuts

Speaker: Tom Peterson, Owner

My name is Tom Peterson with the Original House of Donuts here in Lakewood and Tacoma. We started with Valpak in November of 2014. We mailed to our first 30,000 homes, and I think we got 40,000 coupons back. Don’t tell me how that happens, but it’s been incredible.

I thought the price was relatively low cost for the benefits that we could receive, and I took the chance and I did it, and I’m so happy I did. Well the things we use mostly about Valpak is the target marketing, to be able to put a certain ad with a certain reward, in a certain area at a certain time. So by putting all that together, we’re able to basically target market, and measure those results individually by receiving those coupons and seeing how they’re working for us.

We’re working on our budget for next year, and Valpak is top of the list, you know. With how we’re going to budget, we might target more areas, and trying to grow more regionally in certain areas with our brand. We’re grateful for Valpak, it’s been a one-plus-one equals three relationship, and again we’re just so happy to see Valpak apart of our team. Thank you.

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