Painted Reptile


Speaker: Geoff Mantonya, Owner

The Painted Reptile has been a Valpak client now for a few months. We’re probably going on about five or six months here at the moment. Going door to door with the coupons has been fantastic. Not only have we seen an increase in sales and an increase in coupon redemptions, but we’re also just starting to see good flow of traffic of people coming into Painted Reptile, just to explore and see the amazing things that we have here in the store.

Working with Valpak is obviously very tremendous. Like you said, they’ve got huge market share obviously in the advertisement world. So to team up with them and get regular door-to-door coupons that are going out is phenomenal for what we’re trying to do. Our first coupon redemptions were exciting obviously for us as an organization. To see you put money into something, and then all of a sudden stuff starts to come through the door, that’s very exciting. People are usually spending much more than what they’re trying to redeem in the coupon.

That’s actually the whole entire point of us going door to door with the coupon is really just to get customers in. The redemptions from the coupons are helpful tickets as we go along, but we definitely do see more spending when they come in with their coupons. Being able to reach 80,000 homes or 100,000 homes for under a few hundred dollars is really ideal for growing your company, and finding valuable advertisement that actually works is a key for all businesses.

I would 100% suggest Valpak to another business that’s trying to grow. Valpak has really helped Painted Reptile go to the next level and increase our door-to-door foot traffic and stuff like that. There’s not a doubt in my mind that I would suggest Valpak to another customer.

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