Case Study: Pier 1 Imports®

Valpak® Offers Increase Consumer Spending And Drive Traffic

Marketing Objective

To determine if the Valpak mailing program would provide a lift in sales, generate traffic and increase consumer spending for Pier 1 Imports in three test markets.

Mailing Strategy / Campaign

  • Use a match store panel test to measure total sales generated from customers using the Valpak offer.
  • Compare store sales, traffic, customer transactions and average ticket transactions between test stores and control stores during the test period.
  • Test and control store groups with similar sales and traffic patterns were chosen to participate in each market. The test and control stores were geographically distant from one another.
  • Selected neighborhoods within a 10-mile radius around the test stores were mailed based upon the Pier 1 Imports customer profile.
  • A total of 500,000 homes were mailed in the three test markets.
  • A compelling offer of 20% off all transactions.

Valpak® Offers Increase Consumer Spending And Drive Traffic Valpak® is a registered trademark of Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc., its subsidiaries and affiliates. Copyright © 2012 Valpak Direct Marketing Systems, inc.

Test Results

The test results were extremely positive, with over $120,000 in sales generated from 1,440 Valpak consumers using the Pier 1 Imports offer.
Strong consumer spending proved that the targeted Valpak audience is responsive and motivated.

  • Valpak consumers on average spent nearly 56% more than the average consumer in the same store before the Valpak mailing.
  • Average store sales increased by nearly 17% in test stores compared to control stores.
  • Average transaction volume increased by nearly 11% in test stores over the control stores.

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