Pizza Express

Speaker: Jeff Jensen, Owner

Pizza Express has been with Valpak for over 20 years. It was the best value for the money. The return was incredible. Initially I didn’t know what the results were going to be, but after we started with them, the results were incredibly good. Their price is very reasonable, number one. Distribution is awesome.

Valpak’s recognition in the community is huge as well. People look for that blue envelope. The fact that people look for that specific advertising media is pretty huge as well.

Valpak has been a huge part of my business. It really has. It’s literally the only direct mail that I use. Whenever Valpak coupons hit, I see 25%, 30% increase in business. I actually have to make sure I have the staffing on those days when they hit.

So over the years I can only say it’s gotten better, more efficient. Valpak is, like I said, adding new things, the digital aspect and stuff. So yeah, I really enjoyed working with them. I would definitely recommend Valpak. It’s been awesome for me. Over the years we’ve had a great relationship with them, great graphics, and most importantly great results.

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