Prem’s Thai Kitchen


Speaker: Jaime Ortega, Owner

Prem’s Thai Kitchen has been a Valpak client for three months. We started to see the coupon come in almost the same day that it went out. So that to us was very impressive, simply because we’ve done countless direct mailings to the area residents and we didn’t get the quick response that we did with that. I think in part, it had to with a lot of the artwork and the quality that you put into the coupon.

We had done direct mailing to houses individually and it didn’t have the same reception. And I think our coupon that we put out there is pretty aggressive so it enticed people to come in. And with the distribution, I think it had the impact that we wanted it to have. Working with Valpak has impacted my business in a way that our direct mailing couldn’t, because it brought value to a household. Valpak, I think, is a recognized name. It’s branded savings. So people, when they see it, they don’t toss it aside, they open it and they give it consideration.

It’s a great way to get your message out to a consumer that’s looking for savings. A lot of times when we send out propaganda, advertisement to homeowners, they’re cast aside like just junk mail, junk mail, junk mail. But I think Valpak is a branded name that gives value to its content and people value it. They keep it, they look through it, and they use it.

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