Pro Choice Carpet Cleaning


Speaker: Arash Farakesh, Owner

We have been in business with Valpak for almost 10 plus years. Pro Choice Carpet Cleaning went with Valpak because Valpak goes straight to your home. They also have a mobile presence and they’re online. Because there’s so much competition out there, we definitely like to keep everything updated. If something changes somewhere else, we change it on our coupon. That’s one plus side.

Every time we have a new mailing, we’re always asked if there are any changes, which is great. Even if you have last-minute changes, they can make it happen for you. With Valpak, the cool thing is because they do both online and print, it separates them from a lot of the other advertising companies because the others they do one of the two.

And as far as the print goes, that’s really up to you on whom you want to send it to, what areas you want to cover. If you’re having good luck in certain areas, great. You could increase your mailers out there. We collect all these coupons. We know how many we’re receiving and I mean it all just adds up. So you pretty much know just from the mailer coupons how much business you’re getting from Valpak. I definitely recommend Valpak just because their customer service is great. They know how to get their business out there. My business has expanded so much just because of Valpak.

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