Railcar Modern American Kitchen



Speaker: Jared Clarke, Executive Chef/Owner

Valpak has performed a service for me that they can get my name out and get my brand out in front of people that haven’t either been here or people that do like coming here on a continuous basis. We advertise every month with Valpak. It just seems that – because we rotate through our different zip codes to make sure that we’re getting the broadest range of clients in here as possible. The analytics from the web is great for us, especially in my marketing. I know exactly where my customer base is coming from.

I can get a lot of information that’s really, kind of, privileged information from larger companies that they have teams that do that for them. Everyone is really friendly and attentive, and if I have questions, they are always willing to answer. I see my dollars being spent at the end of the month when I pay for Valpak, but it comes back to me. I see the people coming in and using them, and I start seeing a regular clientele base using them on a regular basis. I’ll continue to use Valpak because I get results from it, and that’s the biggest thing for me: to make sure I get results.

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