River City Deck & Patio


Speaker: Lee Lairmore, Owner

River City Deck and Patio has been a Valpak client for about seven years. The number one reason is when Jennifer from Valpak, my sales rep, came in and made the presentation to me, showed me the package, I believed it worked, believed in her sincerity and thought it’d be a good fit for my business.

It’s provided me with tremendous leads in the right neighborhoods. Valpak delivers when they say they’re going to deliver, where they say they’re going to deliver, how they say they’re going to deliver.

Valpak has changed River City Deck and Patio in the fact that it gets us about seven or eight sales every single month. Most of the other companies I’ve dealt with, they get your money, they get your check and they’re done with you. Valpak constantly is in communication with me.

Valpak’s call tracking reporting keeps me from having to continue to track it on my own. I did check in the beginning to see if they were giving me true numbers, that Valpak was giving me true numbers, and I found that they were, and because of that, because Valpak does it for me, I don’t have to do it myself anymore.

I have recommended Valpak to other businesses, other than people in my own business because I want to save it all for myself. I recommend it because it works. It’s just pure and simple. Direct mail that works is pretty important in today’s economy.

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