Roesbery Car Care


Speaker: Mike Roesbery, Owner

I took over the business, actually, from my Dad about five years ago and he had Valpak for a long time before that and we transitioned over. It’s always worked for him and it continued to work for us.

The Valpaks have always worked. I mean, it’s my way of reaching out to different customers that may not know we’re here and we’ve had really good retention. I get a lot of phone calls from it; a lot of people bring in the coupons. It’s just a really good way for me to get my business out there in the neighborhood and it’s a really good tool to use.

Valpak has brought in a lot of new customers, a lot of existing customers as well, and I can track them using . . . we have a tracking phone number on them and I can see how it’s working, how many customers it’s bringing in every month and so, like I said, it’s inexpensive and it works, so why not use them?

Now they have the online presence and they have a new app now and so it’s a great company. Valpak, it does work. For the price, it’s definitely well worth it. It brings a lot of people in the door. A lot of, like I said, either existing customers or new clients, which is nice to see both coming in the door.

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