Romeo’s Express


Speaker: Lino Romeo, Owner

My name is Lino Romeo. I’m one of the owners and operators of Romeo’s Pizza in New Jersey. We currently have three locations and been advertising with Valpak since 2008. I really like the mix of businesses that I would be in the envelope with, the consistency of always seeing that envelope in the mail.

My parents, who started the business, were never really about the marketing, never really about the coupons. We were very old-fashioned. I was very skeptical trying it at first and I decided to give it a try.

Advertising with Valpak is awesome. They’re very knowledgeable, they’re very experienced, they’re very professional. My sales rep works with me every month making sure we make deadline, making sure we make those simple changes that need to be made, always staying on top of current holidays, current promotions. And it’s not only the business benefits in putting me on the map and branding me and keeping customers happy and loyal. Also, building a new customer base.

The additional exposure online and the analytics that Valpak is able to show me, the amount of clicks and prints that is increasing every month is actually great, it’s awesome. It’s just a plus to the mail envelope that we’ve already succeeded on and been a customer since. I was consistent, I stayed with it, and great results to this day.

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