San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Speaker: Susan Hennelly Nicholas, Partner – Holdsworth & Nicholas, Inc.

Holdsworth & Nicholas has been a Valpak client for over 10 years. Valpak came into the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo and presented an idea that was really extraordinary, completely out of the box. To be able to have the integrity, so for us to be able to tell our clients this is what we’re going to deliver on, and then to have a partner such as Valpak that assists us with keeping our word with our clients, is just a phenomenal environment to be in.

Our ability to marry digital along with traditional, the print element of Valpak, is what we’re looking for. The fact that Valpak is progressive and able to have the vision, knowing that digital and traditional need to go hand-in-hand, has been a great success for, not only us, but for all of our clients.

In terms of tracking, Valpak has many different tools in their toolbox. They’re able to put code and bar codes on all of our different advertising elements and vehicles that we use so that we’re able to tie in to Google Analytics and as well as, in the case of San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, into the ticket box office.

The creation that Valpak’s design team did on the circular was extraordinary. It surpassed every one of our expectations, and to be able to deliver that in print, in full color, with different offers on it to over 230,000 households was phenomenal. Holdsworth & Nicholas would absolutely recommend Valpak to many different clients.

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