Scaran Heating and Air Conditioning

Speaker: Tom Scarangello, Owner

My name is Tom Scarangello. My company is Scaran Heating and Air Conditioning and we’ve been advertising with Valpak about six years. Scaran was started by my grandfather in 1930. We started as an ice and coal delivery company. Then my father got involved after World War II and we got into fuel oil, some air conditioning work, gas heating. One of the things we’ve always tried to do is diversify our services because if we were still in the ice and coal business obviously we’d be out of business.

We decided to advertise with Valpak because we were at a point in our growth where we were kind of stagnated, and we kind of saturated the market with some of the marketing methods we had used. We saw Valpak as possibly a way that we could reach some people that we hadn’t reached previously. We started with Valpak in doing the print coupons and we found that to be successful. Then they offered us the opportunity to manage our social media.

The other big thing for me that’s different about Valpak is the tracking and the measurement of the results. That’s key. For years and years we tried to track our marketing internally. Before we started tracking with Valpak we would do Valpak coupons and I would go out to the office staff and say “Have we gotten Valpak calls?” And they’d say, “No, we haven’t got any Tom.” Then when we went to tracking, I realized we were getting calls, and a lot of calls. We were turning those calls into leads, and then turning those leads into sales.

I would definitely recommend Valpak to other businesses. They ignore what they’re doing in the realm of marketing. They’ve helped us stretch our marketing dollars, and we’ve gotten a better return on investment with the dollars we’ve spent, and we’re going to continue to do it. I would highly recommend them to anyone else.

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