Scott Kupetz, DMD

Speaker: Dr. Scott Kupetz, Dentist

Hi, my name is Dr. Scott Kupetz. I’m a dentist and the name of my business is the Center for Implant, Cosmetic and General Dentistry. I’ve been with Valpak going on a little over 14 years.

What I like about it is, it gets your name out in front of a lot of people and consistently. And it does have like a professional way it’s delivered. You can customize, I guess, your Valpak advertiser flyers. You can adjust them. Gary’s real easy to work with, very professional, and there’s a lot of good benefits from it.

I do 50,000 in the Wappingers and 20,000 in another area, in Pawling. And you’re hopefully, with those numbers that you get a good response and I think with any advertising you can’t look at it one, two, three months. You have to kind of give anything a chance, where it’s six months, one year, because your last, you know, month or two could really be a great month to justify your advertising costs.

Then you also have the tracking, which is helpful to see actually what your number is. Instead of just random, this person came in or if they didn’t bring their Valpak flyer and you know, you find it’s a way to see if it’s a good investment for advertising. That’s what it really it comes down to.

From my point of view in the dentistry, I guess you’re looking at the cost factor of what it’s costing for the Valpak and then when we have the patient come in, you know, hopefully we’re going to be doing more of an upscale procedure. You know, cosmetic, crown and bridge, implants and that’s, you know, with Valpak for 14 years, if I’m just getting cleanings or exams, I wouldn’t be doing it.

So you’re getting, you know, patients that have thought about it and they’re coming in getting bigger procedures done, so you see a good return on your investment and I’ve been doing it for 14 years so you know, it says something right there.

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