Sentara Center for Health


Speaker: Patrick Taylor, Marketing Director

So we’ve been using Valpak for five months at Sentara Center for Health and Fitness. A couple of the factors that we took into consideration when deciding to go with Valpak were the fact that we had a strong corporate presence and a strong brand in Valpak that we knew the community trusted. On top of that, we were able to target the homes that we wanted to be in and get the offers that we wanted to push right in front of them with our control and the Valpak brand.

Once we started using Valpak, we saw a lot of positive changes, the first being an immediate uptake in sales. We went from selling about 50 memberships a month to about 65. We used to use direct mail once or a couple times a year, and we always had some mediocre results, a lot of returned mail, “return to sender.” The offers just weren’t getting in front of the customers that we wanted to.

With Valpak and all the analytics that are offered on a digital level for a print advertisement, it really makes it a no-brainier to actually use the products. A lot of the options in the media world on a print level are limited as far as how you track them, so you can put an offer in and track them on your own, but Valpak offers a solution with their call tracking to really know in real time how your offer’s working and who is using it.

They’re going to give you a great level of customer service, strong brand recognition in what you’re trying to push to your customers, and you’ll see an increase in sales. So it’s definitely a smart choice to move forward with

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