Siam Rice Thai and Sushi

Speaker: Kanittha Wanjean

We have been using Valpak since we opened. Now it’s about six years that we’re doing business with Valpak. My family, they recommended us to do the Valpak. We continue doing and we like it, so we keep doing. Not only they’re waiting for the mail, they can print it out and then have a lot of customers have used for the digital coupon online to show and using in the restaurant.

I’m happy I always see my customers have used it, so I know it’s working. When you do something advertising, you get the feedback, I always keep it, I always check it. Does that work, or not? That works, that’s why I’ve kept continuing doing Valpak for six years.

People know it, that is already well known. Valpak, if you open it, you know that you’re going to get something benefit. I would recommend that you try Valpak because you want something directly to your business, help your business grow up. You should try Valpak.

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