Sierra Carpet Care


Speaker: Michael Baker, Owner

Sierra Carpet Care has been partnering with Valpak for our direct mail advertising for a little over 25 years now. I decided to go with Valpak at that time because they put out I thought a quality product. They put it in a package form, so there were other things in there for other people to look at besides carpet cleaning business.

We like to advertise on a monthly basis consistently year round to our full market, and Valpak mails to that full market on a monthly basis and puts out a quality piece. So it’s a really natural fit for our company.

Valpak I know is always going to be there for month to month, for me to put my advertising dollars into something that I know that I can count on.

In working with Valpak and Jim Burton over 25 years, we know each other really well. I trust him. He gets things done the right way for me, and I know I can count on him. A lot of companies I’ll have a different rep every two months as the revolving door of salespeople comes around. If I have a problem, I can contact him and it gets worked out quickly.

Valpak brings in a consistent clientele of good quality jobs. It brings in a little higher average job at the end of the day than most other print pieces and medias that we’ve used in the past.

I would highly recommend Valpak, and I have many times because I know when I recommend them, I know what I’m recommending. They’re going to get somebody that’s going to put out a quality piece. They’re going to put it out on time, and in most cases it’s going to work real well for them.

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