Simply Smog Valencia Auto Performance


Speaker: Mike Cavanah, Owner

Back in 2007, nine years ago roughly, when we decided to go with Valpak, I’d researched several different coupons. So it seemed like a natural and we thought we’d give it a try. It was kind of a no-brainer. The reason we stayed with Valpak, we stayed with Valpak all this time is it’s just been very successful. It’s consistent, every month is the same and people have gotten used to, and they tell me this all the time, used to looking for their Valpak to grab our coupon and bring it in.

Digital Valpak is showing up more and more. It’s probably 25% of the total coupons. It’s now grown into something that’s very meaningful. We convert those customers, they’re real people, neighbors, et cetera to change them over from not just smog testing but into repairs and maintenance. 10% of our sales are started by a Valpak coupon on any one day, so we find that to be a very good investment and it’s been by far our best coupon offer and print advertising offer we’ve ever had. And it just continues to grow with the digital part of it, and we see that growing more and more. We find Valpak’s a treasured partner in keeping our business moving.

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