Skyline Chili


Speaker: Anthony Currie, Owner

My name’s Tony Currie. The business is Skyline Chili Partnership of Hilliard. Been advertising with Valpak about 15 months, but I had been with Town Saver about seven or eight years. It seemed to be like people were just overlooking the ad. It’s there, but they don’t see it and time for a change, so I figured I’d try Valpak again. We’ve had 25,000 page views, roughly, and we’ve had about 500 prints come into the store besides all the other coupons we have in the ads right now.

Knowing that we’re getting that many hits there plus seeing what I’ve got coming into the store, I mean, it’s like you’re getting double-dipped and you feel like that you’re getting your money’s worth. That’s the main thing. Plus, you’re getting new business in because a lot of times, the guys that bring the coupons, they’ll bring somebody in that hasn’t been here before and all that. They’ll let them try it, and then we get them hooked and they keep coming, too, so it’s a little bit of everything.

We have a lot of loyal Skyline customers and it’s mainly male oriented, but we get a lot of the coupons, not just the digital ones that you see online but we get them printed off and they bring them in, too. I’m happy with it. It’s like our customers are happy with us. You kind of tell everybody else about it. If somebody asked me who I do stuff with, I would recommend them.

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